Friday, April 13, 2018

Webspynn #4, Pt.2

(Continued from Webspynn #4, Pt. 1)

More coloring work for HERITAGE COMICS HSQ 

WEBSPYNN is an urban super-hero series.  He appeared in the anthology title HSQ #1 & 2, as well as several issues of his own book.

I came in during July-August 2017, when Tyran Eades (who I believe is Andre Campbell's business partner) asked if I'd like to color the newest issue.  I said sure.  It was a nice change from AMERICAN SENTINELS, and I liked Tyran's art better than the stuff in the other book.

I'm waiting for this to come out, and I hope we get to do more of these together.


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Artwork (C) Heritage Comics HSQ /
Coloring by Henry Kujawa

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