Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Galacton 2230, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Episode VI
It looks like this was the point where I decided to put a little more detail into the art. Dig that Colonial "Viper"! This was also where the plot took a "nasty" turn for what started out as a comedy. But then, GET SMART used to have violence on it, too. Along the way, 2 supporting characters from a certain pulp magazine series have cameos.

Episode VII
This turned out to be the most "intense" part of the whole story. I got to pay tribute to, among other things, "ENTER THE DRAGON", "DAY OF THE DOVE", the 1st issue of MOON KNIGHT (which came out maybe a week before I wrote these pages-- note the use of Bill Siekiewicz SWIPES!), and "Captain Haddock" from THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN. As a result, the most violent scene in the whole book also turned out to be one of the funniest. Crazy, huh? that's not all. Imagine my SHOCK when a scene VERY similar to this one turned up more than 20 YEARS later in an episode of the Ron Moore remake of BG-- the very episode which had a "content warning" included because of its violence. It was spooky. It was uncanny. I mean, I figure, there's probably no way anyone connected with that show could have read my comic. But it did suggest that I was on the same "wavelength" as their writers. Which I guess is kinda cool...
(Of course, I prefer MY version!)
Episode VIII
The story reaches an important and somewhat unexpected turning point. Along the way, my favorite band turns up, my pal Jim has another cameo, and the kid gets probably my favorite line of dialogue in the whole book.

Episode IX
It was at this point that my pal Jim opened his mouth again and made another suggestion-- that I do a tribute to the "Alamo" episodes of McCLOUD. For any unfamiliar with them, Glen Larson wrote a series of season-finale stories, each one involving "Joe Broadhurst" being left in charge and the Precinct getting shot up in a gun-battle. As Terry Carter was on both McCLOUD and BG, it seemed an obvious way to go. This explains why Diana Muldaur has a cameo in this one. I also love how Dirk Benedict managed to actually follow orders, by finding a non-violent solution to their situation.

(Continued in Part 3)

Story & Art (C) HENRY KUJAWA
All prominent characters are Trademarks of HENRY KUJAWA

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