Sunday, August 26, 2012

GRUB Animations

In 2005, after doing the 3D model work for Nick Cuti's MOONIE book, he contacted me about another project.  He was working on a low-budget live-action direct-to-video film of "GRUB", a short story he'd written for Warren's EERIE magazine (illustrated by Tom Sutton) way back in the late 60's.

Nick supplied some extremely-detailed drawings for me to turn into 3D models. Getting details about the story and how the various "sets" would be used and how they related to each other was more of a challenge. A good example is how the entire "main hallway" was built some months before he told me there needed to be a "lift" (elevator" that came out right in the middle of it, and that the other end of the thing would be where the docking bay for the other spaceship would be! (It really helps going into a project if everyone can be on the same page.)

The bridge of the "Deep Blue Sea" (DBS)

Here's the main hallway of the alien spaceship, "Beelzebub".

Here's the animations that actually got used in the film!

01 - DBS
02 - Fly-By Ext.
03 - Fly-By Bridge
04 - Fly-By Side
05 - DBS Docking
06 - DBS Docking
07 - DBS Docking
08 - Beelzebub Lift 

3D models, images & animations (C) Henry Kujawa

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