Sunday, October 14, 2012

American Sentinels

(See REBEL 3)

More coloring work for Heritage Comics HSQAmerican Sentinels is another team of super-heroes, this one with a "patriotic" theme.  My first work on the characters were a set of pin-up pages.

American Dream  /  art by MARKJAY BROWN
Freedom  /  art by MARKJAY BROWN
Justice  /  art by MARKJAY BROWN
Liberty  /  art by MARKJAY BROWN
Major Victory  /  art by MARKJAY BROWN

And now for the villains...

Killjoy  /  art by SANTIAGO MADILE
Overlord  /  art by SANTIAGO MADILE
Prime Evil  /  art by SANTIAGO MADILE

Another hero...

Captain Nike  /  art by MARKJAY BROWN

...and one more villain!

Suicide Run  /  art by MARKJAY BROWN

And finally, here's a wraparound cover featuring the group...

(More in HSQ  / Also see American Sentinels, Part 2)

Artwork (C) Heritage Comics HSQ /
Coloring by Henry Kujawa

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