Monday, August 26, 2013

Inking Samples

It's about time I put some more stuff up on this blog.

Way back in the late 70's (I think), Marie Severin (what a sweetie!) was nice enough to send me a set of photocopies of various then-current pencillers so I could try my hand at inking them.  For whatever reason, they sat around a lot longer than they ever should have.  But maybe it's just as well.  By the time I felt like inking them, I'd gotten a LOT better at it

I totally dismiss one narrow-minded editor's view that the samples meant nothing because "these guys aren't in the business anymore".  If you can ink, YOU CAN INK!!!  I've come to the conclusion that most editors-- and most "human resources" types in general, are not in the business of hiring anybody.  Their job is to find reasons NOT to hire-- anybody-- EVER.

Anyway, these have once again been sitting around too long, as I meant to set them up at the old Zodiac Comics website.  Well, they're going up here-- NOW!  I'm posting both the "before" and "after" versions.  Enjoy.

CAPTAIN AMERICA 220  /  page 11  /  layouts by Sal Buscema
GODZILLA 9  /  page 19  /  pencils by Herb Trimpe
HUMAN FLY 4  /  page 6  /  pencils by Frank Robbins
HOWARD THE DUCK 17  /  page 6  /  pencils by Gene Colan
IRON MAN 109  /  page 2  /  layouts by Carmine Infantino
MAN FROM ATLANTIS 3  /  page 8  /  pencils by Frank Robbins
SPIDER-WOMAN 1  /  page 2  /  layouts by Carmine Infantino

More as I go!

Characters (C) Copyright & Trademark by Marvel Comics

Inks by Henry R. Kujawa

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